1. Pulp boards applied for a filtration of alcoholic fluids, fruit juices as well as edible oils in the following kinds :

2. Filtration pulp used for alcoholic fluid filtration as a carrier and supporting filtration process.

3. Upholstery cardboard 1.5÷3.0 mm thick in sheets max. 155 x 100 cm.

4. Other pulp boards characterised by:

The unique moulding automaton in the Company allows forming filtration boards exactly according to the guidelines of the father of paper-making Tsai - LUN from 105 AD. Sinking moulding baskets within the chemical paper-pulp assures direction-less fibres, what is beneficial for filtration process of different type of fluids.

Moreover, the Company carries out works to improve the technology and to start up the production of vat paper and cardboard basing on the precious fibrous raw materials and unique equipment.

We are open to co-operation.



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